Ibanez RG Series

Ibanez RGThe RG was originally designed as to suppliment Steve Vai's Jem and RGs are renowned for the ability for the hard rock and metal genres. The name stands for Roadstar Guitars and they are made in counties such as China and Indonesia and for the price they are said to have one of the best quality of builds for their price. For beginners the RG Tremolo series are fantastic, with their low prices mixed with high quality parts. For a more experience players it's hard to fault the Prestige series. The RG series also boasts the most amount of models for anyone guitar series with 29 models currently avalible, however you may find it hard to find shops or online retailers who stock every model.

The guitars within the RG series have some of the thinnest necks, with the Wizard Prestige and Wizard II have the thinnest and flattest necks of any guitar. Though the prices of the RG series are low Ibanez also offer a cheaper series of the RG series called the GRG series.

The RG series cost from the low to mid hundreds of pounds and below is a table outlinning the features of a few of the RG guitars from the different price levels.

  Ibanez RG321 Ibanez RG370DX Ibanez 350DX Ibanez 1570
Price Range 199.00 to 299.00  269.00 to 329.00   289.00 to 349.00   549.00 to 599.00  
Neck 3 Piece Wizard II   3 Piece Wizard II   3 Piece Wizard II   5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck  
Body Mahogany   Basswood   Basswood   Basswood  
Fret Jumbo Frets   Jumbo Frets   Jumbo Frets   Jumbo Frets  
Bridge Fixed   Edge III   Edge III   Edge Pro  
Neck PU INF3 (H) neck pu   INF3 (H) neck pu   INF3 (H) neck pu   V7 (H) neck pu  
Middle PU INF4 bridge pu   INFS3 (S) mid pu   INFS3 (S) mid pu   S1 (S) mid pu  
Bridge PU INF4 (H) bridge pu   INF4 (H) bridge pu   INF4 (H) bridge pu   V8 (H) bridge pu  
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Edge Pro

The Edge Pro bridge that the RG1570 has features a special 'sound metal chip' on every saddle and this helps improve sustain at the intonation point. With the Edge Pro bridge the string holders are actually part of it which stops string holder blocks coming off and getting lost while you change the strings and will stop you from having to cut the ball of your strings.
Ibanez RG

Edge III

The design of the Edge III allows it to give more stability and strength which is fantastic under demanding playing conditions.
Ibanez RG

Fixed Bridge

Certain RG models come with a fixed bridge. The advantage of this is that you can have a tighter string tension for simplicity and more sustain.
Ibanez RG

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